I grew up in Clam Gulch, Alaska on the bluff overlooking Cook Inlet. After a decade living in Washington, England, and New Zealand, I found my way home with intensified appreciation for Alaska. I make art to strengthen my connection to place and to express my love for Alaska: its vibrant colors, long light, deep contrast, and genuine people. 

Using high-pigment colors and rough strokes with either brush or palette knife, my main artistic medium is acrylic paint. I am more interested in honoring essence and aliveness than detailed photographic realism. Another creative medium I work in is community. Creating connections and building shared visions of a better world is both the most difficult and the most rewarding creative work I do.
I celebrate Alaska through my artwork and hope to inspire myself and others to see the beauty all around us, to find and exercise our creative voices, and to use our talents to protect what we love. 
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